Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Family Time

Sometimes life flies by so fast. I treasure the times as a family....It really doesn't have to be a big or expensive outing....Sometimes the simplest times are the best memories!
We just took a fall walk in Corbyville last fall and all of us have such fond memories of that special family time together. I'm glad we took the camera to help us keep the memory!
I Love My Family......They are What I am So Grateful for.......We must take more walks!
Now the Dog can come too! :)


Jen said...

Beautiful pictures Tamar....beautiful memories....beautiful family!!!

Amy said...

Family time is so good.
Love the pics!

Tamera said...


Your family is wonderful. I LOVE the girl's sweaters. Orange is my favorite color! :-)

Shari said...

You have a beautiful family