Thursday, March 29, 2007


Are Roses not simply beautiful?

I Love How God designed them.
They are delicate and smell sweet.
They are designed with Thorns for their protection. They are my absolute favorite flower and the light ones have the sweetest smell!

I Love visiting the Corby Rose Garden here in Belleville in the summer. There are so many varieties! It seems the bees Love them too!

God has planted us like roses and will
tend to his garden taking good care and He has Joy in Our Blooming and
tends us and pruins us to help us to grow into the
Particular Beauty he has designed us to be.

I am so Glad He is a Patient Gardener!

Monday, March 26, 2007

My Little Worshipers

I just Love to see My girls Worship and Dance it truely melts my heart!

There must be something about Children that melts Gods heart as well!

Help me Lord to be more like My Children in Worship!

I count them most wonderful blessings and inspirations!


"Dance Like No Ones Watching!" except Jesus!

Little Partiers

These are a couple of our little friends

There Names are Hilda and Heidi, Jen they are wondering

why we left so early....They said; "The Party's just beginning!"

Especially when they saw the lights and heard Maria drop her

dinner on the floor! How rude they must have thought we were to

ditch them for the Best Western! LOL!!!,

Tamar :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Poetry for Roaches

This Poem (if You can call it that) Is written in Memory of a crazy adventure Jen and I had this weekend in Toronto.

I'm Sure Jen Will Expand Further on her Blog!

Poem #1.
Jen and Tamar
they drove up by Car
to a House in Ole Toronto

When they got there,
the smell in the Air
was enough for them
to want to leave Pronto!

They were told to behave,
both tried to be Brave!
Even though the Place was a State!

They wouldn't wimp out
instead the'd Camp out ,
Then they noticed a Roach on a Plate!

By then it was too late
they had locked up the gate.
To the Hotel they wanted to drive.
So Around the Block they would walk ,
It was 12:oo O'Clock
They were blessed that they made it alive!

The car was still there,
Praise the Lord for that!
Nothing broken and the tires
they were not flat!

Leaving Roaches behind
with a warm bed in mind,
Off to a Hotel they drove.

To have a real shower ,
that actually had a curtain,
made them fans of the Best Western,
for Certain!

Leaves getting their Color

This weekend we were away in Toronto at the "Its a New Season " conference At Hope Centre.

One Lady stood up and was talking about the beauty the Color of the Fall leaves. She said , The leaf doesn't actually have to do anything in order to Turn color. It is changed by its environment.

In the same way she related that to how we become transformed into the beautiful creation God has destined for us.

A lot can be said for the environment we are in and were and how we choose to spend it.

God time is truely transforming....not always comfortable but always transforming ...All we need to do is seek Him and the rest is Up to Him.

Amazing how a little time in His Presence burdens can be lifted, truth can be revealed, Hope can be imparted and we are transformed...bit by bit...

Till we become like the bright red Maple Leaf!
Beautifully telling the world What environment it has been in!

I Love How creation tells of Gods Heart!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Held in His Arms!

This week has so far been everything but what I expected.
The client I was going to see and who had been very challenging ended up coding and being recusitated by Ambulance Attendents. He was on Life Support in ICU they unhooked him Yesterday and he died yesterday afternoon. Hearing it was hard. The next message then on My Machine was of a co worker who's Daughter was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour that they say is inoperable. She is only 7 and her name is Lauren. I heard it and nearly fell over. I could only think How hard that would be if it were my Lauryn.
It really has been a time of feeling helpless. The good part in it all was I could share with Jon and We could reflect and Pray together. I really felt Gods Arms there to hold us. We also cried out on behalf of this Young girl and I could picture Gods Love around this child and her family.

When My Job gets hard and things seem so unfair. I really know how important it is to Go to God and get up into His Arms! I find strength there to keep going and be able to see more patients each with there own needs. If It wasn't for God. I do Not think I could do this Job!

Thank You All for Your Prayers this week!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Asking for Wisdom

This week at work I have a rather large challenge. I am dealing with a case we call a code 33.
The client is in severe depression/alcoholism/ Agression/ a history of Cult abuse.
It is so easy to be judgemental and just give up on the guy. I feel compelled to do more than that.
I remember Sid talking about speaking the Opposite about what You see or what others say (If it is negative). In doing so I have been the only one asked for to come back and see this gentleman. I always need to go with a PSW. (for physical safety).

It is hard because I see the Physical. As do the other staff who have seen this man. However I know God sees the deepest part of this mans Sorrow , Grief, Guilt and whatever else he is struggling with.

He will refuse An Ambulance or going to the Hospital/Clinic. Even when is despirate need. He will lay in bed and soil himself to the point I have to glove, gown and mask before attending to Him. He and his girl friend are often found drunk and uncooperative and have been verbally and physically abusive to other staff. Then sometimes they are sweetest people (despirate for kind words).
It has gotten so bad over the last few months that Mental health and Rehab need to assess him for his ability to be a deadly threat to himself.
My heart aches to see Him Restored starting in His heart.
I know these types of cases are out there and it is easy to make fast judgement.

I'm Praying for Gods Wisdom. I look to the Promise of James 1:5 were it says: " If any of you lacks wisdom (thats me!) , he should ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him."

I know we need Wisdom for our Kids our Marriages and so much more.

Even though I am late into this reformation 21 day thingy....I will resolve to daily make a plan to continually come to God for Wisdom. I know my patient is not the only place I need to find"His Strength in My Weakness."

Our new Puppy "Rollie" is certainly a challenge in getting used to having her and training her.
Puppy classes are coming in April (much needed!)(for training me as well!)

I Love Speaking Out (Typing Out) Gods Promises. He is true to His Promises and that is such a great assurance!

God Bless Your Week!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Today I am starting a new Blog.

I want to reflect on the things God is doing in my life.
I want to share the stories of His Beautiful Grace!

This last year has been a time of many questions and continues to bring me again and again to the conclusion that I am in such Good Hands!

Even though I have felt confused and upset and felt like running. God has brought supernatural Peace and reasurance just at the right time!

I truely want to be in pursuit of Him and His revalations as He chooses to reveal them.

I want to understand More of His heart. I want to see and tell of the wonderfull things He is doing and will do in this New Season.

I am so Thankful for Wonderful friends who speak out What they are hearing from God and Do it Boldly!