Monday, March 26, 2007

My Little Worshipers

I just Love to see My girls Worship and Dance it truely melts my heart!

There must be something about Children that melts Gods heart as well!

Help me Lord to be more like My Children in Worship!

I count them most wonderful blessings and inspirations!


"Dance Like No Ones Watching!" except Jesus!


Jen said...

I love the pictures of the girls...isn't it fun when are children aren't afraid to be children? When they feel free enough to dance and imagine and create? I love that about kids!
Bless you, and your worshipers.

Holly said...

What beautiful girls you and Jon have!

Anonymous said...

They are sooooooooooo beautiful!!

Tell them to keep going!!!

redeemed diva said...

hols- Those girls are amazing. I'm so glad I'm related to them. I love 'em to bits. You and Jon too! Great blog.

Jono said...

Man those kids are good looking.. I wonder who they take after ;)