Thursday, March 29, 2007


Are Roses not simply beautiful?

I Love How God designed them.
They are delicate and smell sweet.
They are designed with Thorns for their protection. They are my absolute favorite flower and the light ones have the sweetest smell!

I Love visiting the Corby Rose Garden here in Belleville in the summer. There are so many varieties! It seems the bees Love them too!

God has planted us like roses and will
tend to his garden taking good care and He has Joy in Our Blooming and
tends us and pruins us to help us to grow into the
Particular Beauty he has designed us to be.

I am so Glad He is a Patient Gardener!


Jen said...

I am with you Tamar, so glad God is patient with me...i may not always bloom as soon as I ought, but He is so patient!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that He loves us too!

He is not put off by our thorns, He is a patient gardener and I love Him for that!

What a great thought and metaphor Tamar!

Williams Family Blog said...

Great read Tamar,

I love roses too although I don't enjoy the pruning so much....

Bless you!


Shari said...

Hey, I'd love to join you for the Corby Garden tour. I've lived here for 16 plus years and never heard of it before....give me a call.

Amy said...

WHere ya been???

Teena said...

hi tamar
i have a blog now! cheryl made me.
but so far i'm happy to join. it's a very positive thing!
yes i love the rose garden and the girls too.