Saturday, March 24, 2007

Poetry for Roaches

This Poem (if You can call it that) Is written in Memory of a crazy adventure Jen and I had this weekend in Toronto.

I'm Sure Jen Will Expand Further on her Blog!

Poem #1.
Jen and Tamar
they drove up by Car
to a House in Ole Toronto

When they got there,
the smell in the Air
was enough for them
to want to leave Pronto!

They were told to behave,
both tried to be Brave!
Even though the Place was a State!

They wouldn't wimp out
instead the'd Camp out ,
Then they noticed a Roach on a Plate!

By then it was too late
they had locked up the gate.
To the Hotel they wanted to drive.
So Around the Block they would walk ,
It was 12:oo O'Clock
They were blessed that they made it alive!

The car was still there,
Praise the Lord for that!
Nothing broken and the tires
they were not flat!

Leaving Roaches behind
with a warm bed in mind,
Off to a Hotel they drove.

To have a real shower ,
that actually had a curtain,
made them fans of the Best Western,
for Certain!


Jen said...

PERFECT!!! I laughed so hard I cried...You are definately at the top of the list when it comes to memorable conference room mates!

Oh with our "bubbly guide" as she rests in "Roachville" tonight!

Amy said...

I am so concerned as to how you found your billet in the first place...Too funny..

Holly said...

So funny! I like your poem. I guess you got insired, eh?! lol

So, that girl went back and spent the night ALONE?! YIKES!!!!

Shari said...


I read Jen's blog also this is sooooooo funny. I pity any mugger that would have dared to try anything on you two that night.


Rhonda said...

Wow!!! You ladies have certainly created some memories. Must have been quite the 'appointment with the Lord'!!

Tamatha said...

lol! Too much fun for me!:o)