Saturday, March 24, 2007

Leaves getting their Color

This weekend we were away in Toronto at the "Its a New Season " conference At Hope Centre.

One Lady stood up and was talking about the beauty the Color of the Fall leaves. She said , The leaf doesn't actually have to do anything in order to Turn color. It is changed by its environment.

In the same way she related that to how we become transformed into the beautiful creation God has destined for us.

A lot can be said for the environment we are in and were and how we choose to spend it.

God time is truely transforming....not always comfortable but always transforming ...All we need to do is seek Him and the rest is Up to Him.

Amazing how a little time in His Presence burdens can be lifted, truth can be revealed, Hope can be imparted and we are transformed...bit by bit...

Till we become like the bright red Maple Leaf!
Beautifully telling the world What environment it has been in!

I Love How creation tells of Gods Heart!


Rhonda said...

I like that!!! That does say a lot for the environment that we spend our time in. Hmmm. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

Tamatha said...

Deep thoughts!:o) I love how God speaks to us thru creation:o)