Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Held in His Arms!

This week has so far been everything but what I expected.
The client I was going to see and who had been very challenging ended up coding and being recusitated by Ambulance Attendents. He was on Life Support in ICU they unhooked him Yesterday and he died yesterday afternoon. Hearing it was hard. The next message then on My Machine was of a co worker who's Daughter was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour that they say is inoperable. She is only 7 and her name is Lauren. I heard it and nearly fell over. I could only think How hard that would be if it were my Lauryn.
It really has been a time of feeling helpless. The good part in it all was I could share with Jon and We could reflect and Pray together. I really felt Gods Arms there to hold us. We also cried out on behalf of this Young girl and I could picture Gods Love around this child and her family.

When My Job gets hard and things seem so unfair. I really know how important it is to Go to God and get up into His Arms! I find strength there to keep going and be able to see more patients each with there own needs. If It wasn't for God. I do Not think I could do this Job!

Thank You All for Your Prayers this week!


Jen said...


Gosh! What a difficult week!

I got your phone message, but not until about 10:00...I will call you tomorrow. In the mean time I pray for a restoration of your spirit and soul, as you sleep tonight.
Bless You

Holly said...

Oh Tamar, what a difficult week you have had. Sending you a BIG HUG!!! Our friend Cheryl H. works with that little girl's father. Many of his co-workers are christians and praying for the little one and the family. You are blessed to have a husband to pray with and to help encourage you.
Love you lots!

Cheryl said...

Wow, an unusual week.

Your co-worker probably called you because she senses that you have "something" You have the bleeding heart of Jesus and you have the promise of prayer. Thank God she called you.

May God continue to strengthen you to be the awesome nurse, confidant and friend that you are.

Williams Family Blog said...

Hi Tamar,

I send you a big hug too and I will be praying for you. Doing the job you do is difficult to say the least but you are right, you can do it by relying on his strength.

Luv yah


Shari said...

Wow, you have had a very intense week. I am committed to pray for you and the family of this little girl.

I was blessed to read of how your husband ministered to you....He is a good man.