Friday, May 18, 2007

Puppy Days

Below in our back room

Our New Puppy Rollie
We have been learning about Puppy training and finding ourselves wracking our brains for new ways to keep things running smoothly in Doggyville. She May be cute but don't let that fool You!
She'll grab a whole cheeseburger from a 5 yr old and run off with it....Good luck trying to catch her!
Ha! She has chewed many toys and other things.....that have left us Gob Smacked as to how she could get to were they were kept. Emma thinks she has secret Spiderman Powers and can climb walls! She can jump over the Baby gates we bought to pen her in. I guess thats Why they call her a Springer Spaniel!
I do However Love her cuddly ways! She follows us around and lays on our feet! This will come in especially handy on cold nights! Or next Winter!
Here's a Post to Rollie Pollie Mills! A great new Addition to our family!


Jen said...

Look at those eyea....are you sure you are talking about THIS puppy!!!

What exactly is "Gob Smacked?!?!?!"

Tamar said...

"Gob Smacked" is a British expression meaning Shocked...You know the "Wow", that makes you slap Your hand over Your Mouth? In England they might say "Shut Your Gob!" instead of Shut Your Mouth!" Hense the "Gob Smacked" (meaning hand over mouth Shocked!) (surprised perhaps?)
Jon might explain better.

Tamatha said...

AAAWWWWW!!!!How cute!:o)